• Delicious Chabichou Goats Cheese
  • Fragrant Charentes Melons
  • Crisp, fresh Haut Poitou Wines
  • Very local Gatine Apple Juice
  • The local aperitif - Pineau des Charentes
  • Bouchot Mussels - rope grown beauties
  • Rich Echire butter
  • We kid you not! A local Vendeen Wine
  • Marais Eels, Chalans Poultry and Parthenay Beef -
  • Artisan bread delivered to your door (Summer only)
  • Fresh organic vegetables available in season
  • What better way to start your Holiday....Salut!

With a good number of Local Markets - many of which are housed in historic Market Halls - it is easy to buy our regional Food and Drink specialities. In nearby l'Absie there is also an excellent shop stocked with local foods - to treat yourselves or for making the perfect Gifts. We also have a number of excellent value Restaurants within a short distance of us including a take-away Pizza parlour in l'Absie. To suit all tastes.

Here are a few examples -

Coulonges-sur-l'Autize Market

Every Tuesday morning plus two huge markets in August.

Only 20 minutes from us, this central market , housed in and outside its historic Market Hall, is a must for visitors. Excellent local cheese and saucisson, fresh vegetables and fish . A number of our own Chickens were bought at this local market.

La Petite Noissette

A mere 7 minute drive in Vernoux-en-Gatine.

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So many great reviews for this gem in Vernoux-en-Gatine.Local ingredients, beautifully presented food in a cosy setting. And again - such good value.

Thouars Market

Every Friday - highly recommended throughout Deux-Sevres.

Considered the premier Market in the whole of Deux-Sevres, it is a delight for the senses!.