Enjoy our fauna and flora

  • Our Wildflower Maze.
  • Wheeling Buzzards
  • Hopping Hoopoes
  • Flashy Golden Oriels
  • Little Frog enjoying the decking
  • Bullfrogs in the ponds
  • Giant Cricket
  • Beautiful Bees
  • Magnificent Butterflies
  • Hummingbird Moth
  • Whizzy Lizards
  • The delightful Red Squirrels
  • Deer - often on our quiet lane
  • Plenty of Flora
  • Parthenay Cattle
  • Our two Boys - Merlot and Muscat
  • Our friendly Hens

In this sheltered and unspoilt valley there is an abundance of Wildlife to admire.

We are so privileged to enjoy all year round Birdsong here. Overhead, there are Buzzards, Woodpeckers ,Owls and numerous other woodland species, including the petite Firecrest, the exotic looking Hoopoe and the elusive Golden Oriel.

The lakes and ponds attract Kingfishers, Herons, Ducks ,Frogs, Bullfrogs and Toads.

There are masses of Grasshoppers, Crickets (including the Giant Green Cricket!) ,Bees, Beetles and Ladybirds, enjoying the Wildflower maze and flower gardens. Look out for the docile Black Carpenter Bees on the Wisteria.

We have a vast quantity and variety of Butterflies here - from the early Clouded Yellow ,the petite Common Blue, to the rare magnificent Swallowtail - all feeding on the Wildflowers and on the Buddleia. Also look out for the Hummingbird Moth feeding on the Lavender.

Lizards bathe in the glorious sunshine on walls and stones.

It is very entertaining to watch the aerial aerobatics of our Red Squirrels, and you may glimpse our Roe Deer in the woods. There are also Stone Martins and Coypu( Ragondins) nearby.

The richness of Wildlife we enjoy at Les Glycines Gites is in no doubt facilitated by the unspoilt surrounding countryside with its patchwork of woods, copses, clear streams and farmland. There is plenty of Flora all around.


Guests love to meet our Chickens - and enjoy their delicious Eggs -  Bessie, Sally,  and Dotty .